Aaron Ramus


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BIO201 Principles of Biology: Cells Laboratory

Introduction to principles governing living systems, especially the cellular and molecular basis of life and the transmission and utilization of genetic information. Laboratory exercises introduce basic investigative skills and methods of biological inquiry. Three lecture and three laboratory hours each week. Partially satisfies University Studies II:Approaches and Perspectives/Scientific Approaches to the Natural World. 

F11, S12, F12, S13, F15, S16, F16, F17, S18, F18, S19


BIO564 Biological Oceanography Laboratory

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Discussion of the recent oceanographic literature concerning nutrient cycling, distribution and regulation of oceanic productivity, and advances in methodologies used to study oceanic processes and controlling factors. Three lecture hours per week. The lab for this course is BIOL 564.


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BIO366 Ecology Laboratory

Prerequisite: BIO 201 and BIO 202. An introduction to basic ecological principles as they pertain to individual organisms, populations, communities and systems. The lab for this course is BIOL 366.

F13, S14, F14, S15