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I am a community ecologist with a big heart for coastal environments and the marine life that they support. Research themes include biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships, plant-animal interactions, habitat modification and facilitation, and the consequences of biological invasions


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A benevolent invader?

Ecology Plant and animal species introduced into non-native localities by humans sometimes become invasive, often with damaging ecological and economic consequences. However, Ramus et al. report an unusual case where an invasive species can be beneficial. Gracilaria vermiculophylla is a seaweed from

Some invasive species actually help their new habitats thrive

The invasive species didn't mean to be bad. Not really. Often introduced to solve uniquely human problems like pests or erosion, plants and animals that find themselves in a new place, far from their native habitat, aren't actually making an effort to destroy everything they nibble on or colonize.

Invasive Seaweed Species Helping NC's Coastal Habitats

Eradicating invasive plants and species may not always be the best policy. A new study shows a non-native species of seaweed is helping coastal habitats in North Carolina. The study by Duke University and UNC Wilmington researchers found the Japanese seaweed filled a gap left by the disappearance of native species.